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“We are blown away by his song writing, and musicianship. We've listen to thousands of indie projects and Jerimae's music is right up there amongst the best!”

Keith Mohr

Broken Records

“I have seen and heard so many artist/guitar players and frankly most of them tend to blur in my memory due to a lack of original material or lack of passion etc.... But here is one dude that is not going to fade from any ones memory. This guy can flat out play, and flat out bring the Word right along with it. He has a heart for his audience and a zest for Gods word and that is unmistakable in his music. Live or recorded, you will be amazed, blessed and everything in between. This Phil Keaggy meets Jimi Hendrix sensation is well worth a listen, and a must see when he's in your hood.”



“Yoder is unusual.  Because we book two acts an evening at the coffeehouse, performers often inquire who is sharing the bill with them.  If it is Jerimae, they are pleased.  If I don’t have a second act at the time of booking, they will ask that Jerimae share the stage with them.  He is the only performer at our venue requested by other performers.”

Harry Maginity


Sonshine Inn, Indianapolis



“His musical presentation was fascinating- imaginative, bold, entertaining. Jerimae literally "builds" the music right before your eyes. You will have to see him to know what I mean. But even with the technology and the "toys" he uses, what really comes through his presentation is his TENDER HEART and the message he brings: a humble recognition of God's holiness... an artistic celebration of God's goodness... a no-holds-barred presentation of our call to follow Jesus no matter what. It's obvious that Jerimae really knows and loves Jesus, and that he cares deeply that the people he encounters will know and love Jesus, too.


I am honestly IMPRESSED with Jerimae, and I'm confident that the blessing and success of God will precede him in every aspect of his ministry. I look forward to working with him again and again.”

Jeremiah Olson of "40 miles North”




Just a man and his guitar in a dimly lit, musty old building, badly in need of renovation and a new sound system.  None of that seemed to matter. I just sat there and listened, helpless, as the message of his songs cut deep into my heart.  His delivery of our Lords Gospel through the art that God has blessed him with is truly fantastic.  I have rarely been that affected from a performance.”

James Farrar


Madison Ave. Baptist Church


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IBB Records
TAG Distribution

This new artist JERIMAE YODER delivers a surprisingly good album.
His mix of pop, folk, DJ hip hop, and rock are the vehicle for honest songs
of life, spirituality, and love. There's a couple of great tunes that are
perfect for real true worship--"Daily" and especially "Revive." His redo of
[the hymn] "It is Well" [With My Soul] is quite good too.
There's all kinds of songs for everyone though and I found the album
relevant and emotive. It is powerful, honest, and moving. He doesn't try to
manipulate you...it just happens that you are touched by the music and

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